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Finite Element Simulations and Computational Fluid Dynamics are common tools for us to work on your engineering questions. We have more then 20 years of experience in simulation. Our capabilities among other are: linear and non-linear FEM, thermal, coupled thermal mechanical, CFD (including dynamic meshing), ship resistance simulations.

Design Optimization

We believe in simulation driven design. For us this means that we use all available tools to create and optimize your design/product. Topology optimization and sensetivity analysis are tools that we use excessively.


We can assist you in the complete design proces starting from concept generation. We are a small team with desing, structural and mechatronic experience. We can assist you in concept generation and design verification. In all proces we make extensive use of simulation technology.



What our clients say


For Us It is the first DNV project. I hope this will be a complete success and development pathway. You will really helped with that. Thank you for this job and your cooperation.

Gilles Bidon

Flensburger Schiffbau-­Gesellschaft mbH & Co.KG:

We thank you for your assistance and due to the good experience with your work, we will come back to you!

Mit freundlichen Gruessen
With kind regards

Markus Brinkmann

About us

Van Dijk FEM engineering BV was founded on 10-10-2012 by dr.ir. Ronald van Dijk. Ronald van Dijk graduated at the Faculty of Industrial Design (Delft) and has a PhD in mechanical engineering.

The mission of the company is to add value in the product development process of its customers. The team of Van Dijk FEM engineering has access to advanced simulation(FEA and CFD) and visualisation tools which aid in the innovation process. The team consists of qualified engineers who can add value in your product. The company successfully operates in different industries and has experience with different materials (e.g. composites, plastics, metals etc.).

The company is currently also developing an own product: Se@Drone. Se@Drone is an aquatic drone that was initially designed for underwater photography but which can, due to its open structure, also be modified for other purposes. The prototyping of Se@Drone started on the 1st of August 2016 and involves design, simulations and mechatronics. Progress of the prototyping will be posted on the Se@Drone Facebook site.

Van Dijk FEM engineering BV can also work with you on a project participation basis. In such case we work at reduced or no costs provided that we receive a share of the profit.

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Tel.: +31 6 425 711 84
Email: info@vandijkfem.nl